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Elastic Velcro tapes in the Berotex textile warehouse

Velcro elastic is nothing but a stretchy knitted tape with the properties of a female velcro side, i.e. loops. The loop is made of dense, soft to the touch fibers that together with the Velcro hook can create a reusable clasp. How can you use an elastic Velcro tape? Perfect for bundling products - just wrap the items and secure the hook with a velcro. Due to the fact that the Velcro tape is stretchable, its length and tension can be easily adjusted. This property is also often used in the textile and medical industries. It is used, for example, in the production of elastic fasteners in sports jackets and other touristic and sport accessories. It is this tape that is also used in various types of medical bands. In our wholesaler of fabrics, accessories and garment Berotex you will find a flexible loop tape in black and white. We offer various widths: 20, 25, 30, 38, 50 and 100 mm

Velcro tapes - flexible and standard

The characteristic construction of the burdock fruit to attach to animal fur and clothing has changed the textile industry forever. In 1941, Georges de Mestral inspired by nature created turnips, which are also popular today. However, many things have changed since then. Higher and higher requirements of the industry, as well as constant search for new solutions have meant that today there are many varieties of Velcro. In addition to the standard hook and fleece, self-adhesive Velcro , as well as low-profile and elastic Velcro tapes are also available. In our wholesaler of fabrics and accessories, you can also find velcro fabric with soft velcro side properties. Thanks to the fact that each velcro can create a durable textile clasp, the possibilities of application are very wide: from the clothing, toy, footwear and haberdashery, to the transport industry.

What to look for when choosing Velcro?

Tailor's and haberdashery stores offer various options and configurations of Velcro sales. It should be remembered that Velcro consists of two parts: a soft or feminine side (fleece, loop) and a hard side, that is male (hook). Only thanks to the combination of these two sides you can create a solid clasp, which can easily be unfastened and fastened repeatedly. In our offer you have the option of buying individual Velcro sites: you can buy a loop and a hook separately. Velcro tapes are available in various colors - thanks to that you can adjust the right velcro to your design. In addition, the Berotex store offer includes double-sided turnips, so-called back-to-back , which are equipped with two, connected to each other with the back, turnip sides. Both BTB velcro and elastic velcro are good for packaging and securing, as well as for organizing items, eg during transport. Little knowledge? Drop in #beroblog and read other articles about Velcro tapes:

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