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    Stainless metal eyelets

    Stainless eyes - resistant to moisture

    Metal eyelets are used to secure openings in clothing, advertising, upholstery or footwear products. Stainless steel eyes have been covered with a special coating that protects them against adverse factors such as moisture. For this reason stainless eyes are recommended for products that come into contact with water, i.e. for example for medical, work clothing or footwear. Eyelets available in many sizes and in various galvanizing coatings.

    Stainless steel eyelets - for bad weather

    Eyelets used, for example, for tarpaulins or banners must be not only large and durable. Due to the fact that some products are used outdoors and are exposed to various weather conditions, the mesh must be corrosion-resistant. For this type of products we recommend stainless eyes, which in combination with a waterproof codura will create a super durable and waterproof cover for garden furniture, a car, a trailer or other accessories.

    Stainless mesh and waterproof fabric - perfect combination

    How to make a waterproof and functional case? It's easy! The most important thing will be to use the right materials. To create such a cover you will definitely need durable and waterproof fabrics - we recommend the Extra Strong Coating with an additional waterproof coating. For this you will need clasps in the form of non-dusty zip fasteners and stainless steel elements of metal accessories such as eyelets, press studs or rivets. We invite for shopping!

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