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Threads Tytan 250 - threads for podszywarek

The blind stitch machine belongs to industrial, service and home machines. Thanks to it, you can make an indoor stitch, i.e. one that will be visible only from the inside of the material. So, what kind of thread will be suitable for the podszywarek? They must be, above all, threads with very high breaking strength. We recommend the Ariadna Tytan 250 threads, which were made of 100% polyester silk.

Sewing thread Tytan 250 - what can you use them for?

Threads Tytan 250 are ideal for sewing thin and delicate fabrics, as well as threads for hemming and covering fabrics. They can find the most of their application in the blindstitchers. The threads, in addition to the very high tensile strength, are characterized by low elongation, twist stability and resistance to friction, light and chemical factors. Recommended needle number for thread Tytan 250: Nm 70-80.

How to choose threads for machines and fabrics?

The choice of thread is very important. Their quality and manner of execution guarantee efficient sewing process as well as aesthetics and useful life of the finished product. You do not know how to choose the thread? Ask us - we will gladly tell you which of the threads will be the best for your project. We recommend the company's brand of threads NTF. Universal threads for household machines and overlocks are NTF 120 (40/2) threads, while strong and durable cotton threads - 210/2, 210/3.

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