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Metal zips - chic and elegance

It's impossible to hide that zippers are among the most popular fasteners in the textile industry. Both plastic and metal machines are available on the market. Locks, in which the fastening chain is made of metal cloves, are quite stiff and very durable. In addition, resistance to bends and creases makes such zippers will be reliable even in such products as: shoes, handbags or straps in women's and men's trousers.

Decorative metal locks - every day and evening creations

Certainly you have noticed once that metal zips decorate many products. The t-shirts sewn into your arms or sleeves look interesting, or on the backs of elegant blouses. They can also decorate pockets in sweatshirts, jackets and vests. Glossy metal cloves are ideal as fasteners in women's leather bags, as well as men's glamorous briefs and bivoures. Even wallets with a simple, minimalist cut will look better when you insert a metal zip.

Other accessories and tailoring accessories - linings, carabiners, rivets, press studs

We make every effort to find everything you need in our assortment. For elegant metal zips, you may need a tasteful jacquard lining . Check also a wide range of elements of metal accessories available in various coatings, sizes and shapes. Choose rivets, snap fasteners, karabiners, regulators or eyelets to match the metal claws in the zipper.

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