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Velcro tapes - strong haberdashery

Velcro tapes, thanks to their functionality, are used in everyday articles as well as in various industrial sectors. They are also used as decorative elements. Velcro consists of two tapes: hooks are on one side and hooks on the other. Together they form a durable closure. Velcro tape is a textile fastener that can be used many times.

Velcro - rich colors and various types

Do you need colored Velcro for DIY projects or children's shoes or jackets? In our warehouse you will find turnips in every color! Are you wondering where to buy self-adhesive Velcro? Of course, that's with us. Velcro adhesive hook or loop are secured with paper, which is enough to remove the Velcro to the desired place. Velcro with glue fast and easy to attach on the selected surface. You do not have to sew them together, which will save your time.

Velcro fabric and unusual designs

Velcro functionality is widely used in various industries. In our offer of velcro, customers also know the fabric of Velcro ideal as lining for the interior of cases or covers for photographic equipment, etc. Velcro can also be found in the toy industry - it is used for the production of popular beach and garden games such as darts or paws Velcro together with the ball. It's also a great fabric for creating educational mats for children.

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