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    Slide straps - string, metal and splash proof

    Today, we can not imagine a purse or a suitcase without a zipper. It also appears in many clothing products and serves as a functional clasp as well as a decorative element. What makes a zipper? It is made of a zip tape and a slider. In our offer, customers will find various types of zip tapes: spooled (spiral), metal and splash proof - covered with waterproof coating.

    Slide straps - create the lock you need

    Are you looking for a zipper with unusual length? We are in a hurry! Slide straps will be the perfect solution for you. Thanks to the fact that the tape can be cut anywhere, you can make a zipper of the length you want and need. Tapes combined with a zip will create a practical handbag, jacket, pillowcase or cover that suits your designs. Slide straps are available in sizes # 3, # 5, # 8, # 10.

    Slide straps and zippers - an alternative to buttons, naps, snaps and hooks

    Zips, despite their fairly simple construction, create a strong and convenient to use closure, which is widely used in many industries. With zipper straps you can create a discreet zipper in elegant dresses or lace wedding dresses, as well as make bed locks for duvet covers and pillows. It can also be successfully used in bags, shoes and even in the production of jewelry.

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