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Stiffening materials - blades, sponges, PE foams, boards

In the stiffening materials category, our clients can find beaters, sponges, polyethylene foams, boards and leather lines.

For stiffening the edges of various materials, we recommend blows . They are not only aesthetic finish, but also strengthen seams. Leathercraft cords are made of soft plastic. Our offer is available in many colors. Whereas, leather lines are a construction element. The line stiffens the wound and the edges of fancy goods (bags, backpacks).

Sponges - polyurethane foams are mainly used in the furniture industry. Our PU foams are also ideally suited to the footwear or textile industry. They can be used for products with spongy linings, for insulating fabrics or packaging.

Our product range also includes polyethylene foams . Customers can choose from cross-linked and non-crosslinked PE foams. If you are looking for foam or soundproofing mats, we recommend crosslinked foam with insulating and soundproofing properties. In addition, crosslinked PE foams do not absorb water and do not absorb moisture, which is why they are often used in packaging, construction, installations or in the footwear and automotive industry.

Uncrosslinked PE foams have many attributes that are used in construction or packaging - they protect the goods against damage and shock. The non crosslinked foam has non-slip, anti-static, anti-shock and water-resistant properties. The foam is also used as a silencing, leveling and thermal insulation mat for panels.

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